About me

I am Linda Czech. When I’m making these creatures I get into a special state of mind. I’m drown in another world, all peaceful and calm. I love the touch of the felt under my fingers, the even stiches, the warmth of the wool. The most beautiful moment is always the one when the head becomes alive as the wool fills out the little face. I always put on the eyes last, tiny ones so that there is not too much facial expression and the children can imagine whatever emotion they want to see in it. Happy or angry face, as they feel at the moment. I hope, you all will love my dragons and bunnies and all the angels and dworfs which I create.


Dear Customer!

If you like any of the patterns, please write to feltandsoulworkshop@gmail.com. I will reply as soon as I can.

You can pay for the templates via PayPal, I will send them to you by e-mail.The English interface of the website is under development, the purchase will be easier later.

Thank you for your patience!


Sheep pattern - $12
Bunny pattern - $12
Hen pattern - free
T-rex - $12
Stegosaurus - $12
Triceratops - $12
Rose pattern - $12
Dragon pattern - $21
Saint Michael pattern - $32

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